Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Brownie That's Also a Cookie

Confused much? My DH J was too!
I found these puppies on tidymom's website and just HAD to make them.  In continuing with the "make a half batch of everything if you don't have a real occasion to be making them," rule, I sort of ran with it today too.  See, despite all the baking you see here already, I have managed to drop 25 lbs since October 1st and am officially 3 lbs lighter and 1 dress size smaller than at high school graduation.... 8 yrs ago... thats 50 lbs lighter than I was at my cousin's wedding in June 2007. While I am running my bootie off at the gym in preparation for my first 5k, I am trying to both satisfy my baking bug and keep the stuff out of our apartment!  Monday has officially become "baked goods day" at my office. I bake on Ssundays, leave a few pieces for J and bring the rest to work. Thus, I make 1/2 of most recipes, sometimes even less!  It also lets me make mistakes without wasting too many ingredients.  Anyhow, now that you know the method behind my madness, here is the new thing I tried today!  Feel free to double the below recipe to use an entire box of brownie mix and an entire cookie pouch.

- 1/2 box of Ghiradelli brownie mix
- 1/2 of a Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Pouch

-  Preheat oven to 350 degrees
-  Measure/weight out 1/2 of the brownie mix. (I 0ut a bowl on a kitchen scale, hit tare, pour in the mix- take note of how much is there and then proceed to put half back in the bag-- seal nice and tight and put back in the box for next time!
- make brownie batter per box directions, making sure to use HALF of each ingredient to accomodate making half a batch
-  Spray a small pan (I used a 9x5 loaf pan and it was perfect size)
- Pour all of the batter into the pan
- Make cookie batter as per pouch directions, again halving all of the ingredients using a kitchen scale
-  plop cookie batter all over the brownie pan-- I did this by taking a large spoon full and patting out to make a thick cookie shape-- you can get creative here, no right or wrong!
-  bake for about 35 minutes, I took it out at 25 minutes and it was still raw inside but think anything between 30 and 35 minutes would work.
-  allow to cook.

-  1/8 c Heavy Cream or Light Cream
-  2 oz Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
-  1 tbsp Margarine or Butter

-  melt butter/margarine on medium heat
-  add heavy cream
-  heat until just before boiling
-  pour over chocolate chips and stir until thoroughly incorporated
-  pour over cool brownies and spread
-  cut after ganache has set


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