Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kahlua Chocolate Brownie Balls

Inspired by Cake Balls found just about everywhere, I decided to make my own twist today.  Having used about half of my brownie batter for the Peanut Butter Surprise, I figured, why not try making these delectable treats with BROWNIES in the middle.  So there it was born, my Kahlua Chocolate Brownie Balls.

          -  Brownie batter (this recipe uses about half of 1 brownie mix worth of batter)
          -  2 tbsp cream cheese (I used reduced fat)
          -  Kahlua to taste (I just poured, but probably 1.5 tbsp?  Add slowly and sample as you mix)
          - Almond bark (vanilla and chocolate)-- found in baking section at Walmart

          -  Bake brownies  as per box directions, slightly underbaked is ok
          -  Let brownie pan cool for about 10 minutes
          -  Dump contents of brownie pan into bowl
          -  Roughly crumple up brownie with spoon
          -  Add cream cheese; using mixer, fork, or spatula, mix the cream cheese and brownie together
          -  Slowly add kahlua, to taste (can also use rum, creme de menthe, etc.)
          -  Roll into balls, about 1 inch diameter and place on plate to freeze (I froze overnight)
          - Melt almond bark in the microwave as per package directions (you can also use Chocolate Disks/Melts)
          -  using a toothpick, spoon, or any other method you prefer, roll the brownie balls, one at a time in the melted 
             chocolate and place on tray to set (take the balls out of the freezer one or two at a time)
         -  once chocolate is set, you can drizzle with a contrast color


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