Wednesday, February 10, 2010


In an effort to stop my decade long yoyo dieting, I decided to recommit to weightwatchers to ensure that I keep the 40 lbs I have lost  OFF and to keep losing.  After flipping through a few recipes looking for something sweet, light and low on points, I decided to make some easy meringues!

The recipe can't get easier than this!

eggwhites (as many as you want)
sugar (1/4c per eggwhite)
1 tsp vanilla extract
mini chocolate chips or peppermint bits (optional)

Separate eggs one at a time, into small dish or cup, discard yolk.  Transfer eggwhite into mixing bowl and proceed to separate remaining eggs one at a time.  You do not want to separate directly into your mixing bowl. The SLIGHEST drop of eggyolk can completely ruin your eggwhites which is why I do it one at a time. At worst, I get yolk into ONE eggwhite and I can just use that egg for some scrambled eggs!  It would be totally crappy to get yolk into your bowl on your third or fourth egg and have to start again from scratch.

Using hand mixer or stand mixer, beat eggs until they stiffen and START to come to peaks if you lift the beaters.  Add sugar, 1/4cup at a time and continue beating until sugar is completely dissolved.  You can test that its dissolved by using a clean spoon to remove some of the mixture and feel with your finger for grainyness. If grainy, keep beating.  When you are able to make large peaks, add vanilla and beat one more minute.  The entire beating process takes approximately 10 minutes, depending on climate, humidity, etc.

Optional: stir in mini chocolate chips or chopped up candy canes/mints.

Spoon mixture a large spoonful at a time onto cookie sheet.  You can also use a piping bag or spritzer to make for cleaner and more uniform meringues.

Place in preheated 300 degree oven for 5 minutes.  Turn off oven and keep meringues in warm oven overnight (or until the oven completely cools, probably 2-3 hours).


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