Friday, February 19, 2010

My experience at the local Asian market!

There are 2 Asian markets with 20 minutes of our home.  I had gone to the bigger one a few times over the past couple of years but in late 2009, I noticed the new smaller, closer one opening!  Last weekend I stepped in hoping I could get everything I needed for 3 Thai meals without going to the bigger one thats further away.  Here is what I was able to purchase for $15.48!  Note: not pictured is a package of rice noodles for Pad Thai.... forgot to take it out of the cupboard for the photo op!)

2 HUGE carrots for carrot ginger soup (each was the size of a 3 cup poland spring sports bottle!)- not pictured
a chunk of ginger used for the Spicy Basil Chicken and for the carrot ginger soup (to be posted later today) (not pictured)
pad thai noodles (not pictured)
peanut Satay sauce packet
pad Thai sauce (in jar)
yellow Curry paste (in tub)
2 bunch of scallions (not pictured)
1 large tray of basil (1/8 of a lb, half in basil chicken recipe, remainder in freezer)-directions below
baby corn
red Bean balls (google them)
sesame seed packet
fish sauce
chili oil
dehydrated chili peppers

Yes, you read that right, ALL of that plus the unpictured package of noodles for under $16!!!

NOTE: fresh basil can be frozen in a ziplock bag. DO NOT wash it first, simply put in bag and push all of the air out. It WILL look wilted once it defrosts but will not effect your cooking, flavor or aroma!


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